Listing Guide

Create A Listing:

1. Click on “Sell a Car” from menu, select the button with wording “Go to Listing Submission”. (ensure you are a registered member on, and have logged-in already.)

2. Fill up the Listing Form with all compulsory vehicle information and description.

3. Uploading photos by drag and drop your images from your computer or by clicking the Choose Files button that’s available for all devices.

4. Verify all information you provided before clicking submit.

5. The Submission Success page will show you the listing page link on the vehicle you have just submitted.

Additional Note for Listing Submission: 
1. Maximum 5 active listings are allowed for each user account. If you want to submit an additional listing while having 5 active listings already, please set your previous listing status as sold, to make it unpublished.
2. Your name and phone number provided in account sign up will be used as contact information by phone/Whatsapp by potential buyers for your listing.
3. After listing is submitted, you can either edit the price of the listed vehicle or to set the status as sold.

Describe your vehicle as best you can in thea given field. Please do not include plagiarised content or hyperlinks to external websites. Below is a content guideline on how to write your Description:

1. Key Selling Pitch:

Minimum 100 characters

2. Standard Description:

Car Specification

Car Condition (no scratches & etc.)


3. Promotion:


Free Gifts

4. Call to Action:

Seller’s Name

Mobile Number (if different from your account sign up phone provided)

Testing Car /Store Address (if you wish you provide more information in addition to information provided in the Test Drive District and Area field)

WhatsApp Number (if different from your account sign up phone provided)

Email ID

Place only one vehicle per listing. If you have multiple vehicles which are similar, please place them in separate listings with their own images. By doing so, you can fully optimize the exposure of your listings and attract more potential buyers.

Please do not create multiple listings for the same vehicle. Instead, you can delete the old listing before you create the new listing if you want to make changes other than the price.

Always use images that are relevant to the listed vehicle. This will improve the quality of your listing, attract more viewers and increase your chance of selling your vehicle.

Please do not use images from other seller without their consent, as they are protected by copyright laws. Below are the guidelines for quality images on Car8:

Quantity: Min 1 (Compulsory); Maximum 10 images

Images to capture (Recommended):

Exterior: Front, Side & Back

Interior: Dashboard, Odometer, and Car Seat

Picture Format (Recommended):


Resolution (Compulsory):

Minimum 864 X 640

4 : 3 ratio

Supported and Recommended Formats:

.jpeg, .jpg, .png

Other Requirements:

No watermark

Watermark from other websites are strictly not allowed

No company logos (except ADVANCED SELLER)

List the year of the manufacture/production of the vehicle, and not the year of registration.

To protect our buyers, we reserve the right to decide which listings are unrealistic and to reject them. This includes listing with extremely high or low price.

Naturally, listings featuring items that are prohibited from sale by Hong Kong laws, Those kinds of listings are not allowed on Car8. They include but are not limited to stolen items, pirated items, and counterfeit items.

Relevance itself refers to how much useful your information is to buyer’s search. Your listing details need to be relevant to the listed car. For example, pairing a Toyota 86 image with Tesla Model 3 title and description will result in your listing being rejected.

In the event that your listing is rejected due to non-compliance with our rules, we reserve the right to delete the listing from our database without prior consent. 

You can make another submission that abide to our rules.